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Subject[PATCH 0/4] cpu/hotplug: rollback and "fail" interface fixes
From: Vincent Donnefort <>

This patch-set intends mainly to fix HP rollback, which is currently broken,
due to an inconsistent "state" usage and an issue with CPUHP_AP_ONLINE_IDLE.

It also improves the "fail" interface, which can now be reset and will reject
CPUHP_BRINGUP_CPU, a step that can't always fail.

Vincent Donnefort (4):
cpu/hotplug: Allowing to reset fail injection
cpu/hotplug: CPUHP_BRINGUP_CPU exception in fail injection
cpu/hotplug: Add cpuhp_invoke_callback_range()
cpu/hotplug: Fix CPU down rollback

kernel/cpu.c | 173 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
1 file changed, 110 insertions(+), 63 deletions(-)


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