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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media: pci: ttpci: av7110: avoid compiler optimization of reading data[0] in debiirq()
On Sun 2020-08-30 09:30:36, Sean Young wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 04:20:42PM +0800, Jia-Ju Bai wrote:
> > In debiirq(), data_0 stores the value of data[0], but it can be dropped
> > by compiler optimization. Thus, data[0] is read through READ_ONCE().
> >
> > Fixes: 6499a0db9b0f ("media: pci: ttpci: av7110: fix possible buffer overflow caused by bad DMA value in debiirq()")
> > Reported-by: Pavel Machek <>
> Pavel reported that your patch was garbage, if you are trying to defend
> against a malicious pci device. READ_ONCE() will not help here.

I would not use exactly those words, but agreed; we should have some
explanation that it is feasible to protect against malicious av7110
device, first.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)
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