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SubjectRE: [RFC PATCH] x86/mce: Make mce_rdmsrl() do a plain RDMSR only
> Ok, so I think this is what Andy meant last night and PeterZ just
> suggested it too:
> We do a:
> _ASM_EXTABLE_HANDLE(1b, 2b, ex_handler_panic)
> which panics straight in the #GP handler and avoids the IRET.

We can even get a nice diagnostic message since the handler
has access to "regs". It can print which MSR (regs->cx) and
where it happened (regs->ip).

Which sounds like you might want a specific ex_handler_rdmsr
function rather than a generic ex_handler_panic.

Maybe same deal for wrmsr() too? That would also print edx:eax
so you could see what was being written.

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