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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arm64: dts: marvell: espressobin: Add ethernet switch aliases
On Monday 07 September 2020 17:43:53 Andrew Lunn wrote:
> > I would not say it is a "new feature". But rather that patch in this
> > email fixes issue that Linux kernel did not set correct MAC address for
> > DSA slave ports. I think it is something which could be backported also
> > to stable releases as "ignoring" vendor/factory MAC address is not
> > correct behavior.
> Hi Pali
> The rules for stable are here:
> Do you think it fits?
> Andrew

Hello Andrew! I think it fits into those rules. As I wrote it fixes real
bug that Linux kernel does not use correct MAC address for particular
DSA slaves / ethernet ports. But if you or other people have opposite
opinion I will of course respect it.

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