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SubjectRe: gcc crashes with general protection faults in 5.9.0-rc3-00091-ge28f0104343d
Following up my yesterdays mail:

> This is 5.9.0-rc3-00091-ge28f0104343d on Lenovo t460s that has ran fine up to 5.8.0.
> Today I tried reproducing my linking problem with git kernel on my laptop and got segmentation faults in gcc. This is probably the corresponding dmesg part:
> 0xdead000000000400 loks like some kind of poisoning.
> [307299.392045] general protection fault, probably for non-canonical address 0xdead000000000400: 0000 [#1] SMP PTI

Was not reproducible in 5.9-rc4 while recompiling the kernel in a loop for 8 hours.

Meelis Roos <>

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