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SubjectRe: [PATCH rdma-next 1/4] lib/scatterlist: Refactor sg_alloc_table_from_pages
On Thu, Sep 03, 2020 at 06:54:34PM +0300, Leon Romanovsky wrote:
> From: Maor Gottlieb <>
> Currently, sg_alloc_table_from_pages doesn't support dynamic chaining of
> SG entries. Therefore it requires from user to allocate all the pages in
> advance and hold them in a large buffer. Such a buffer consumes a lot of
> temporary memory in HPC systems which do a very large memory registration.
> The next patches introduce API for dynamically allocation from pages and
> it requires us to do the following:
> * Extract the code to alloc_from_pages_common.
> * Change the build of the table to iterate on the chunks and not on the
> SGEs. It will allow dynamic allocation of more SGEs.
> Since sg_alloc_table_from_pages allocate exactly the number of chunks,
> therefore chunks are equal to the number of SG entries.

Given how few users __sg_alloc_table_from_pages has, what about just
switching it to your desired calling conventions without another helper?

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