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Subject[PATCH v5 00/80] drm/vc4: Support BCM2711 Display Pipeline
Hi everyone,

Here's a (pretty long) series to introduce support in the VC4 DRM driver
for the display pipeline found in the BCM2711 (and thus the RaspberryPi 4).

The main differences are that there's two HDMI controllers and that there's
more pixelvalve now. Those pixelvalve come with a mux in the HVS that still
have only 3 FIFOs. Both of those differences are breaking a bunch of
expectations in the driver, so we first need a good bunch of cleanup and
reworks to introduce support for the new controllers.

Similarly, the HDMI controller has all its registers shuffled and split in
multiple controllers now, so we need a bunch of changes to support this as

Only the HDMI support is enabled for now (even though the DPI and DSI
outputs have been tested too).

Let me know if you have any comments

Cc: Kamal Dasu <>
Cc: Philipp Zabel <>
Cc: Rob Herring <>
Cc: Stephen Boyd <>

Changes from v4:
- Rebased on top of next-20200828
- Collected the various tags
- Fixed some issues with 4k support and dual output (thanks Hoegeun!)
- Fixed typos in commit logs (thanks Dave!)
- Split the csc setup hook into its own patch again
- Added the CEC clock to the DT binding
- Fixed the DT binding example
- Reduced the number of calls to of_device_is_compatible in vc4_kms_load
- Added back the check for the state commit in our commit hook

Changes from v3:
- Rebased on top of next-20200708
- Added a name to the HDMI audio codec component
- Only disable the BCM2711 HDMI pixelvalves at boot
- Fixed an error in the HVS binding
- Fix a framebuffer size condition that was inverted
- Changed the channel allocation algorithm using Eric's suggestion
- Always write the muxing values instead of updating if needed
- Improved a bit the hvs_available_channels comment in the structure
- Change atomic_complete_commit code to use for_each_new_crtc_in_state
- Change the muxing code to take into account disparities between the
BCM2711 and previous SoCs.
- Only change the clock rate on BCM2711 during a modeset
- Fix a crash at atomic_disable
- Use clk_set_min_rate for the core clock too
- Add a few defines, and simplify the FIFO level stuff
- Reordered the patches according to Eric's reviews
- Fixed a regression with VID_CTL setting on RPI3

Changes from v2:
- Rebased on top of next-20200526
- Split the firmware clock series away
- Removed the stuck pixel (with all the subsequent pixels being shifted
by one
- Fixed the writeback issue too.
- Fix the dual output
- Fixed the return value of phy_get_cp_current
- Enhanced the comment on the reset delay
- Increase the max width and height
- Made a proper Kconfig option for the DVP clock driver
- Fixed the alsa card name collision

Changes from v1:
- Rebased on top of 5.7-rc1
- Run checkpatch
- Added audio support
- Fixed some HDMI timeouts
- Swiched to clk_hw_register_gate_parent_data
- Reorder Kconfig symbols in drivers/i2c/busses
- Make the firmware clocks a child of the firmware node
- Switch DVP clock driver to clk_hw interface
- constify raspberrypi_clk_data in raspberrypi_clock_property
- Don't mark firmware clocks as IGNORE_UNUSED
- Change from reset_ms to reset_us in reset-simple, and add a bit more
- Remove generic clk patch to test if a NULL pointer is returned
- Removed misleading message in the is_prepared renaming patch commit
- Constify HDMI controller variants
- Fix a bug in the allocation size of the clk data array
- Added a mention in the DT binding conversion patches about the breakage
- Merged a few fixes from kbuild
- Fixed a few bisection and CEC build issues
- Collected Acked-by and Reviewed-by
- Change Dave email address to

Dave Stevenson (7):
drm/vc4: Add support for the BCM2711 HVS5
drm/vc4: plane: Change LBM alignment constraint on LBM
drm/vc4: plane: Optimize the LBM allocation size
drm/vc4: hdmi: Use reg-names to retrieve the HDMI audio registers
drm/vc4: hdmi: Reset audio infoframe on encoder_enable if previously streaming
drm/vc4: hdmi: Set the b-frame marker to the match ALSA's default.
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add audio-related callbacks

Hoegeun Kwon (1):
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add pixel BVB clock control

Maxime Ripard (72):
dt-bindings: display: Add support for the BCM2711 HVS
drm/vc4: hvs: Boost the core clock during modeset
drm/vc4: plane: Create more planes
drm/vc4: crtc: Deal with different number of pixel per clock
drm/vc4: crtc: Use a shared interrupt
drm/vc4: crtc: Move the cob allocation outside of bind
drm/vc4: crtc: Rename HVS channel to output
drm/vc4: crtc: Use local chan variable
drm/vc4: crtc: Enable and disable the PV in atomic_enable / disable
drm/vc4: kms: Convert to for_each_new_crtc_state
drm/vc4: crtc: Assign output to channel automatically
drm/vc4: crtc: Add FIFO depth to vc4_crtc_data
drm/vc4: crtc: Add function to compute FIFO level bits
drm/vc4: crtc: Rename HDMI encoder type to HDMI0
drm/vc4: crtc: Add HDMI1 encoder type
drm/vc4: crtc: Disable color management for HVS5
drm/vc4: crtc: Turn pixelvalve reset into a function
drm/vc4: crtc: Move PV dump to config_pv
drm/vc4: crtc: Move HVS init and close to a function
drm/vc4: crtc: Move the HVS gamma LUT setup to our init function
drm/vc4: hvs: Make sure our channel is reset
drm/vc4: crtc: Remove mode_set_nofb
drm/vc4: crtc: Remove redundant pixelvalve reset
drm/vc4: crtc: Move HVS channel init before the PV initialisation
drm/vc4: encoder: Add finer-grained encoder callbacks
drm/vc4: crtc: Add a delay after disabling the PixelValve output
drm/vc4: crtc: Clear the PixelValve FIFO on disable
drm/vc4: crtc: Clear the PixelValve FIFO during configuration
drm/vc4: hvs: Make the stop_channel function public
drm/vc4: hvs: Introduce a function to get the assigned FIFO
drm/vc4: crtc: Move the CRTC disable out
drm/vc4: drv: Disable the CRTC at boot time
dt-bindings: display: vc4: pv: Add BCM2711 pixel valves
drm/vc4: crtc: Add BCM2711 pixelvalves
drm/vc4: hdmi: Use debugfs private field
drm/vc4: hdmi: Move structure to header
drm/vc4: hdmi: rework connectors and encoders
drm/vc4: hdmi: Remove DDC argument to connector_init
drm/vc4: hdmi: Rename hdmi to vc4_hdmi
drm/vc4: hdmi: Move accessors to vc4_hdmi
drm/vc4: hdmi: Use local vc4_hdmi directly
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add container_of macros for encoders and connectors
drm/vc4: hdmi: Pass vc4_hdmi to CEC code
drm/vc4: hdmi: Retrieve the vc4_hdmi at unbind using our device
drm/vc4: hdmi: Remove vc4_dev hdmi pointer
drm/vc4: hdmi: Remove vc4_hdmi_connector
drm/vc4: hdmi: Introduce resource init and variant
drm/vc4: hdmi: Implement a register layout abstraction
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add reset callback
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add PHY init and disable function
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add PHY RNG enable / disable function
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add a CSC setup callback
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add a set_timings callback
drm/vc4: hdmi: Store the encoder type in the variant structure
drm/vc4: hdmi: Deal with multiple debugfs files
drm/vc4: hdmi: Move CEC init to its own function
drm/vc4: hdmi: Add CEC support flag
drm/vc4: hdmi: Remove unused CEC_CLOCK_DIV define
drm/vc4: hdmi: Rename drm_encoder pointer in mode_valid
drm/vc4: hdmi: Adjust HSM clock rate depending on pixel rate
drm/vc4: hdmi: Use clk_set_min_rate instead
drm/vc4: hdmi: Deal with multiple ALSA cards
drm/vc4: hdmi: Remove register dumps in enable
drm/vc4: hdmi: Always recenter the HDMI FIFO
drm/vc4: hdmi: Implement finer-grained hooks
drm/vc4: hdmi: Do the VID_CTL configuration at once
drm/vc4: hdmi: Switch to blank pixels when disabled
drm/vc4: hdmi: Support the BCM2711 HDMI controllers
dt-bindings: display: vc4: hdmi: Add BCM2711 HDMI controllers bindings
dt-bindings: display: vc4: Document BCM2711 VC5
drm/vc4: drv: Support BCM2711
ARM: dts: bcm2711: Enable the display pipeline

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/brcm,bcm2711-hdmi.yaml | 117 +++++-
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/brcm,bcm2835-hvs.yaml | 18 +-
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/brcm,bcm2835-pixelvalve0.yaml | 5 +-
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/brcm,bcm2835-vc4.yaml | 1 +-
arch/arm/boot/dts/bcm2711-rpi-4-b.dts | 48 ++-
arch/arm/boot/dts/bcm2711.dtsi | 122 ++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/Makefile | 1 +-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_crtc.c | 354 +++++++++++----
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_drv.c | 5 +-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_drv.h | 43 +-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi.c | 1650 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi.h | 184 ++++++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi_phy.c | 520 +++++++++++++++++++++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi_regs.h | 442 +++++++++++++++++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hvs.c | 269 +++++++-----
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_kms.c | 229 +++++++++-
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_plane.c | 222 +++++++---
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_regs.h | 177 +++-----
drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_txp.c | 4 +-
19 files changed, 3406 insertions(+), 1005 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/brcm,bcm2711-hdmi.yaml
create mode 100644 drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi.h
create mode 100644 drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi_phy.c
create mode 100644 drivers/gpu/drm/vc4/vc4_hdmi_regs.h

base-commit: 20c0f70ad7bf5aaf2e22ef974867d0708373fe93
git-series 0.9.1

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