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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/6] USB: cdc-acm: blacklist ETAS ES58X device
> > Did you mean to send this twice?

Sorry for that, I screwed things up a first time when sending the
patches: only included the CAN mailing list
( but ommitted
in the cover letter. As a result, it broke the chain reply on
so I preferred to resend it.

> > And where are the 5 other patches in this series?

I used the --cc-cmd="scripts/ -i" option in git
send-email to send the series. The five other patches are not related
to USB core but to CAN core, so you were not included in CC by the
script. Now, I understand this is confusing, I will take care to CC
you on the full series when sending V2. One more time, sorry for that.

For your information, the full patch series is available here:

> > And finally, it's a good idea to include the output of 'lsusb -v' for
> > devices that need quirks so we can figure things out later on, can you
> > fix up your changelog to include that information?

Noted, will be included in v2 of the patch series.

> Also, why is the device saying it is a cdc-acm compliant device when it
> is not? Why lie to the operating system like that?

This is a leftover debug feature used during development. Future
firmware version will have it remove but users with older revision
will still face this issue which can be confusing.

I will also amend the changelog to better reflect above reason.

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