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SubjectRe: [patch 15/35] net: sfc: Replace in_interrupt() usage.
On 27/09/2020 20:49, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> Note, that the fixes tag is empty as it is unclear which of the commits to
> blame.
Seems like it should be
Fixes: f00bf2305cab("sfc: don't update stats on VF when called in atomic context")
 since that adds the in_interrupt() check and the code concerned
 doesn't seemto have changed a great deal since.

Anyway, this fix looks correct, and you can have my
Acked-by: Edward Cree <>
 but I thinkit might be cleaner to avoid having to have this unused
 can_sleep argument on all the NICs that don't need it, by instead
 adding an update_stats_atomic() member to struct efx_nic_type, which
 could be set to the same as update_stats() for everything except
 EF10 VFs which would just do the call to efx_update_sw_stats().
I'll send an rfc patch embodying the above shortly...


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