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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] x86/mce: Add Skylake quirk for patrol scrub reported errors
On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 04:06:20PM -0700, Luck, Tony wrote:
> In some ways that's pretty neat. But it would still be ugly if we need
> to extend it further for other issues. Especially if they don't have such
> a simple rule to adjust the severity.

I'm still secretly hoping that one fine day one of your minions will
come with a conversion series around the corner; series, which gets rid
of this unreadable mess and we get something *actually* readable like

And on that day I'll even take one patch per severities[] member so that
it is absolutely clear how the conversion has happened and review can be
good and catch any lurking errors.

One day... :-)

Because after that day, we can do arbitrary rules to adjust the severity
and there won't be any problems with extending it anymore because then
it'll be nice and flexible C code only.

> This would be better as a bit mask. I don't think we need this same
> hack on the next generation of CPUs ... but if we did, the bank numbers
> that would be affected don't form a continuous sequence.

Ok, feel free to adjust it how you think it is better.

> I'd need to stare at the placement of this in the sequence of rules at some
> non-Friday-afternoon time. It might be right, but as we've grumbled together
> many times before that code is full of surprise side effects.

Nah, I just put it there so that I can see the macros in the same window
and don't have to scroll - I'm purely relying on you here to place it in
the right spot.



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