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Subject[PATCH 0/5] MHI changes for v5.10 - Take two
Hi Greg,

This is the second set of MHI patches for v5.10. The summary is below:

* Fixed the format specifier used in debugfs interface. The issue was
identified by building for ARM32 machine.

NOTE: I've sent this patch separately for review.

* Removed the auto-start option for MHI channels. This is done to avoid
receiving spurious uplink from MHI client device when the client driver
is not up. The corresponding qrtr change is also included with Dave's ACK.

* Moved MHI_MAX_MTU define out of internal header to global to use it in
client drivers.

Please consider merging!


Hemant Kumar (1):
bus: mhi: core: Move MHI_MAX_MTU to external header file

Loic Poulain (3):
bus: mhi: debugfs: Print channel context read-pointer
bus: mhi: Remove auto-start option
net: qrtr: Start MHI channels during init

Manivannan Sadhasivam (1):
bus: mhi: core: debugfs: Use correct format specifiers for addresses

drivers/bus/mhi/core/debugfs.c | 15 ++++++++-------
drivers/bus/mhi/core/init.c | 9 ---------
drivers/bus/mhi/core/internal.h | 2 --
include/linux/mhi.h | 5 +++--
net/qrtr/mhi.c | 5 +++++
5 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)


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