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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mmc: host: meson-gx-mmc: fix possible deadlock condition for preempt_rt
On 2020-09-25 16:14:09 [+0200], Jerome Brunet wrote:
> Looks like we need to do manually what IRQF_ONESHOT was doing for us :(

IRQF_ONESHOT disables the IRQ at the irqchip level. You must ensure that
the device keeps quite. Usually you mast the interrupt source at the
device lee.

> This brings a few questions:
> * The consideration you described is not mentioned near the description
> of IRQF_ONESHOT. Maybe it should so other drivers with same intent
> don't end up in the same pitfall ?

From request_threaded_irq() ->
| * If you want to set up a threaded irq handler for your device
| * then you need to supply @handler and @thread_fn. @handler is
| * still called in hard interrupt context and has to check
| * whether the interrupt originates from the device. If yes it
| * needs to disable the interrupt on the device and return
| * IRQ_WAKE_THREAD which will wake up the handler thread and run
| * @thread_fn. This split handler design is necessary to support
| * shared interrupts.

Just the line that saying what needs to be done before returning

> * Why doesn't RT move the IRQ with this flag ? Seems completly unrelated
> to RT (maybe it is the same documentation problem)

It is unrelated to RT. Mostly. You end up with the same problem booting
with `threadirqs'. RT has the additional restrictions that you may not
acquire any sleeping locks in hardirq context. This you can see with
addinional lockdep magic.

> * Can't we have flag doing the irq disable in the same way while still
> allowing to RT to do its magic ? seems better than open coding it in
> the driver ?

Puh. That should be forwarded the IRQ department.
So we have IRQF_NO_THREAD to avoid force threading. This is documented
as such. Then we have IRQF_TIMER and IRQF_PERCPU which are also not
force threaded and it is not documented as such. However it is used for
the timer-IRQ, IPI, perf and such - things you obviously don't want to
thread and need to run in hard-IRQ context.

What you have ist a primary and secondary and IRQF_ONESHOT and don't
want the primary handler to be force-threaded. I can't answer why we
However, drivers usually disable the source themself if they providing
both handler.


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