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SubjectRe: remove alloc_vm_area v2
On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 15:58:42 +0200 Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

> this series removes alloc_vm_area, which was left over from the big
> vmalloc interface rework. It is a rather arkane interface, basicaly
> the equivalent of get_vm_area + actually faulting in all PTEs in
> the allocated area. It was originally addeds for Xen (which isn't
> modular to start with), and then grew users in zsmalloc and i915
> which seems to mostly qualify as abuses of the interface, especially
> for i915 as a random driver should not set up PTE bits directly.
> Note that the i915 patches apply to the drm-tip branch of the drm-tip
> tree, as that tree has recent conflicting commits in the same area.

Is the drm-tip material in linux-next yet? I'm still seeing a non-trivial
reject in there at present.

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