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SubjectRe: [PATCH v38 10/24] mm: Add vm_ops->mprotect()
On 9/25/20 12:43 PM, Sean Christopherson wrote:
>> That means that the intent argument (SGX_PROT_*) is currently unused.
> No, the intent argument is used (eventually) by SGX's ->mprotect()
> implementation, i.e. sgx_mprotect() enforces that the actual protections are a
> subset of the declared/intended protections.
> If ->mprotect() is not merged, then it yes, it will be unused.

OK, I think I've got it.

I think I'm OK with adding ->mprotect(). As long as folks buy into the
argument that intent needs to be checked at mmap() time, they obviously
need to be checked at mprotect() too.

Jarkko, if you want to try and rewrite the changelog, capturing the
discussion here and reply, I think I can ack the resulting patch. I
don't know if that will satisfy the request from Boris from an ack from
a "mm person", but we can at least start there. :)

Please be judicious in what you include in the changelog. There's been
a lot of detritus in them. Let's keep it as short, sweet, simple and on
topic as we can.

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