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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/5] media: docs: make CEC documents compatible with Sphinx 3.1+
Em Thu, 24 Sep 2020 10:25:16 -0600
Jonathan Corbet <> escreveu:

> On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 18:21:46 +0200
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab <> wrote:
> > -:c:func:`close() <cec-close>` returns 0 on success. On error, -1 is returned, and
> > +:c:func:`close()` returns 0 on success. On error, -1 is returned, and
> So while you're at it, it seems like all the :c:func: markups could come
> out, right?

Hmm... I guess not :-)

I mean, we could rely on in order to automatically do
that. However, right now automarkup skips the systemcalls/libc functions
that this patchset touches:

Skipfuncs = [ 'open', 'close', 'read', 'write', 'fcntl', 'mmap',
'select', 'poll', 'fork', 'execve', 'clone', 'ioctl',
'socket' ]

One day, once namespace is set properly for all subsystems, we could
drop Skipfunctions from automarkup and cleanup those manual markups,
but for now this is still needed.


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