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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] drm: commit_work scheduling
On 09/24/20 10:49, Daniel Vetter wrote:


> > > I also thought kernel threads can be distinguished from others, so
> > > userspace shouldn't be able to sneak in and get elevated by accident.
> >
> > I guess maybe you could look at the parent? I still would like to
> > think that we could come up with something a bit less shaking than
> > matching thread names by regexp..
> ps marks up kernel threads with [], so there is a way. But I haven't
> looked at what it is exactly that tells kernel threads apart from others.
> But aside from that sounds like "match right kernel thread with regex and
> set its scheduler class" is how this is currently done, if I'm
> understanding what Tejun and Peter said correctly.
> Not pretty, but also *shrug* ...

Isn't there a real danger that a sneaky application names its threads to match
this regex and get a free promotion to RT without having the capability to do


Qais Yousef

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