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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Revert "net: linkwatch: add check for netdevice being present to linkwatch_do_dev"
On Wed, 23 Sep 2020 22:49:37 -0700 Saeed Mahameed wrote:
> 2) Another problematic scenario which i see is repeated in many
> drivers:
> shutdown/suspend()
> rtnl_lock()
> netif_device_detach()//Mark !present;
> stop()->carrier_off()->linkwatch_event()
> // at this point device is still IFF_UP and !present
> // due to the early detach above..
> rtnl_unlock();

Maybe we can solve this by providing drivers with a better helper for
the suspend use case?

AFAIU netif_device_detach() is used by both IO errors and drivers
willingly detaching the device during normal operation (e.g. for

Since the suspend path can sleep if we have a separate helper perhaps
we could fire off the appropriate events synchronously, and quiescence
the stack properly?

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