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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: davinci: fix kconfig dependency warning when !PINCTRL
Hi Necip,

On 14/09/20 6:08 PM, Necip Fazil Yildiran wrote:
> When ARCH_DAVINCI is enabled and PINCTRL is disabled, it results
> in the following Kbuild warning:
> WARNING: unmet direct dependencies detected for PINCTRL_SINGLE
> Depends on [n]: PINCTRL [=n] && OF [=y] && HAS_IOMEM [=y]
> Selected by [y]:
> - ARCH_DAVINCI [=y] && ARCH_MULTI_V5 [=y]
> The reason is that ARCH_DAVINCI selects PINCTRL_SINGLE without depending on
> or selecting PINCTRL while PINCTRL_SINGLE is subordinate to PINCTRL.
> Honor the kconfig menu hierarchy to remove kconfig dependency warnings.
> Fixes: f962396ce292 ("ARM: davinci: support multiplatform build for ARM v5")
> Signed-off-by: Necip Fazil Yildiran <>

I think its better to fix this by changing the "select PINCTRL_SINGLE"
to "imply PINCTRL_SINGLE". It should be valid to build a DaVinci kernel
without pinctrl support if bootloader is taking care of the pin muxing.

I would not recommend it, but its not illegal either.

While at it, I would drop the other "select PINCTRL" line under "config
MACH_DA8XX_DT". It should not be needed since ARCH_DAVINCI will imply


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