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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: swapfile: avoid split_swap_cluster() NULL pointer dereference
On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 11:51:17AM +0800, Huang, Ying wrote:
> Rafael Aquini <> writes:
> > The bug here is quite simple: split_swap_cluster() misses checking for
> > lock_cluster() returning NULL before committing to change cluster_info->flags.
> I don't think so. We shouldn't run into this situation firstly. So the
> "fix" hides the real bug instead of fixing it. Just like we call
> VM_BUG_ON_PAGE(!PageLocked(head), head) in split_huge_page_to_list()
> instead of returning if !PageLocked(head) silently.

Not the same thing, obviously, as you are going for an apples-to-carrots
comparison, but since you mentioned:

split_huge_page_to_list() asserts (in debug builds) *page is locked,
and later checks if *head bears the SwapCache flag.
deferred_split_scan(), OTOH, doesn't hand down the compound head locked,
but the 2nd page in the group instead.
This doesn't necessarely means it's a problem, though, but might help
on hitting the issue.

> > The fundamental problem has nothing to do with allocating, or not allocating
> > a swap cluster, but it has to do with the fact that the THP deferred split scan
> > can transiently race with swapcache insertion, and the fact that when you run
> > your swap area on rotational storage cluster_info is _always_ NULL.
> > split_swap_cluster() needs to check for lock_cluster() returning NULL because
> > that's one possible case, and it clearly fails to do so.
> If there's a race, we should fix the race. But the code path for
> swapcache insertion is,
> add_to_swap()
> get_swap_page() /* Return if fails to allocate */
> add_to_swap_cache()
> SetPageSwapCache()
> While the code path to split THP is,
> split_huge_page_to_list()
> if PageSwapCache()
> split_swap_cluster()
> Both code paths are protected by the page lock. So there should be some
> other reasons to trigger the bug.

As mentioned above, no they seem to not be protected (at least, not the
same page, depending on the case). While add_to_swap() will assure a
page_lock on the compound head, split_huge_page_to_list() does not.

> And again, for HDD, a THP shouldn't have PageSwapCache() set at the
> first place. If so, the bug is that the flag is set and we should fix
> the setting.

I fail to follow your claim here. Where is the guarantee, in the code, that
you'll never have a compound head in the swapcache?

> > Run a workload that cause multiple THP COW, and add a memory hogger to create
> > memory pressure so you'll force the reclaimers to kick the registered
> > shrinkers. The trigger is not heavy swapping, and that's probably why
> > most swap test cases don't hit it. The window is tight, but you will get the
> > NULL pointer dereference.
> Do you have a script to reproduce the bug?

Nope, a convoluted set of internal regression tests we have usually
triggers it. In the wild, customers running HANNA are seeing it,

> > Regardless you find furhter bugs, or not, this patch is needed to correct a
> > blunt coding mistake.
> As above. I don't agree with that.

It's OK to disagree, split_swap_cluster still misses the cluster_info NULL check,

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