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Subject[PATCH v3 0/4] iio: adc: ad9467: add support for AD9434 & AD9265
This is a V2 & V3 for:

V2 is:

It does a bit of rework/unification of the 2 chip-info constants, so
that it's easier to add new devices 2 this driver.
V1 only added only AD9434, but when adding AD9265, I noticed that some
things could be a bit more unified for vref_mask & default_output_mode.

In V3 the dt-bindings patches were merged and the docs polished a bit.

Changelog v2 -> v3:
* merge dt-bindings patches from v2 into a single one
* polish the dt-bindings docs to better cover/describe new parts

Changelog v1 -> v2:
* add AD9265 support
* wrap axi-adc chip-info, to also define vref_mask & default_output_mode
in the chip-info table

Alexandru Ardelean (2):
iio: adc: ad9467: wrap a axi-adc chip-info into a ad9467_chip_info
dt-bindings: iio: ad9467: add entries for for AD9434 & AD9265 ADCs

Michael Hennerich (2):
iio: adc: ad9467: add support for AD9434 high-speed ADC
iio: adc: ad9467: add support for AD9265 high-speed ADC

.../bindings/iio/adc/adi,ad9467.yaml | 15 ++-
drivers/iio/adc/ad9467.c | 121 +++++++++++++-----
2 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)


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