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SubjectRe: [PATCH rdma-next 00/10] Prepare drivers to move QP allocation to ib_core
On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 05:00:36PM +0300, Leon Romanovsky wrote:
> From: Leon Romanovsky <>
> Hi,
> This series mainly changes mlx4, mlx5, and mthca drivers to future
> change of QP allocation scheme.
> The rdmavt driver will be sent separately.
> Thanks
> Leon Romanovsky (10):
> RDMA/mlx5: Embed GSI QP into general mlx5_ib QP
> RDMA/mlx5: Reuse existing fields in parent QP storage object
> RDMA/mlx5: Change GSI QP to have same creation flow like other QPs
> RDMA/mlx5: Delete not needed GSI QP signature QP type
> RDMA/mlx4: Embed GSI QP into general mlx4_ib QP
> RDMA/mlx4: Prepare QP allocation to remove from the driver
> RDMA/core: Align write and ioctl checks of QP types
> RDMA/drivers: Remove udata check from special QP
> RDMA/mthca: Combine special QP struct with mthca QP
> RDMA/i40iw: Remove intermediate pointer that points to the same struct

This all seems fine, can you re-send it with the fixes? i40iw also
needs a trivial rebase


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