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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] nfs: remove incorrect fallthrough label
On Thu, 2020-09-24 at 10:19 -0700, Nick Desaulniers wrote:
> Hello maintainers,
> Would you mind please picking up this patch? KernelCI has been
> erroring for over a week without it.

As it's trivial and necessary, why not go through Linus directly?

From: Nick Desaulniers <>

There is no case after the default from which to fallthrough to. Clang
will error in this case (unhelpfully without context, see link below)
and GCC will with -Wswitch-unreachable.

The previous commit should have just replaced the comment with a break

If we consider implicit fallthrough to be a design mistake of C, then
all case statements should be terminated with one of the following
* break
* continue
* return
* fallthrough
* goto
* (call of function with __attribute__(__noreturn__))

Fixes: 2a1390c95a69 ("nfs: Convert to use the preferred fallthrough macro")
Acked-by: Gustavo A. R. Silva <>
Reviewed-by: Gustavo A. R. Silva <>
Reviewed-by: Miaohe Lin <>
Reviewed-by: Nathan Chancellor <>
Suggested-by: Joe Perches <>
Signed-off-by: Nick Desaulniers <>
Changes v3:
* update the commit message as per Joe.
* collect tags.

Changes v2:
* add break rather than no terminating statement as per Joe.
* add Joe's suggested by tag.
* add blurb about acceptable terminal statements.

fs/nfs/super.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/fs/nfs/super.c b/fs/nfs/super.c
index d20326ee0475..eb2401079b04 100644
--- a/fs/nfs/super.c
+++ b/fs/nfs/super.c
@@ -889,7 +889,7 @@ static struct nfs_server *nfs_try_mount_request(struct fs_context *fc)
if (rpcauth_get_gssinfo(flavor, &info) != 0)
- fallthrough;
+ break;
dfprintk(MOUNT, "NFS: attempting to use auth flavor %u\n", flavor);
ctx->selected_flavor = flavor;
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