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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/1] KVM: x86: fix MSR_IA32_TSC read for nested migration
On 22/09/20 17:39, Maxim Levitsky wrote:
>>> I'll talk to Maxim and see if he can work on the kvmclock migration stuff.
> We talked about this on IRC and now I am also convinced that we should implement
> proper TSC migration instead, so I guess I'll drop this patch and I will implement it.
> Last few weeks I was digging through all the timing code, and I mostly understand it
> so it shouldn't take me much time to implement it.
> There is hope that this will make nested migration fully stable since, with this patch,
> it still sometimes hangs. While on my AMD machine it takes about half a day of migration
> cycles to reproduce this, on my Intel's laptop even with this patch I can hang the nested
> guest after 10-20 cycles. The symptoms look very similar to the issue that this patch
> tried to fix.
> Maybe we should keep the *comment* I added to document this funny TSC read behavior.
> When I implement the whole thing, maybe I add a comment only version of this patch
> for that.

Sure, that's a good idea.


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