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Subject[GIT PULL] EDAC urgent for v5.9-rc6
Hi Linus,

please pull two more fixes for ghes_edac resulting from playing with


The following changes since commit 856deb866d16e29bd65952e0289066f6078af773:

Linux 5.9-rc5 (2020-09-13 16:06:00 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

git:// tags/edac_urgent_for_v5.9_rc6

for you to fetch changes up to 251c54ea26fa6029b01a76161a37a12fde5124e4:

EDAC/ghes: Check whether the driver is on the safe list correctly (2020-09-15 09:42:15 +0200)

Two fixes for resulting from CONFIG_DEBUG_TEST_DRIVER_REMOVE=y experiments:

* The first one completes a previous fix to reset a local structure
containing scanned system data properly so that the driver rescans, as
it should, on a second load.

* The second one addresses a refcount underflow due to not paying
attention to the driver whitelest on unregister.

Borislav Petkov (2):
EDAC/ghes: Clear scanned data on unload
EDAC/ghes: Check whether the driver is on the safe list correctly

drivers/edac/ghes_edac.c | 5 +++++
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/drivers/edac/ghes_edac.c b/drivers/edac/ghes_edac.c
index 54ebc8afc6b1..94d1e3165052 100644
--- a/drivers/edac/ghes_edac.c
+++ b/drivers/edac/ghes_edac.c
@@ -508,6 +508,7 @@ int ghes_edac_register(struct ghes *ghes, struct device *dev)
if (!force_load && idx < 0)
return -ENODEV;
} else {
+ force_load = true;
idx = 0;

@@ -629,9 +630,13 @@ void ghes_edac_unregister(struct ghes *ghes)
struct mem_ctl_info *mci;
unsigned long flags;

+ if (!force_load)
+ return;

system_scanned = false;
+ memset(&ghes_hw, 0, sizeof(struct ghes_hw_desc));

if (!refcount_dec_and_test(&ghes_refcount))
goto unlock;

SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH, GF: Felix Imendörffer, HRB 36809, AG Nürnberg

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