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Subject[rcu:rcu/next] BUILD SUCCESS ec179933e2502ebd3cbc31eac42a64d00e0e9c07
tree/branch:  rcu/next
branch HEAD: ec179933e2502ebd3cbc31eac42a64d00e0e9c07 rcutorture: Prevent hangs for invalid arguments

elapsed time: 723m

configs tested: 160
configs skipped: 2

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

gcc tested configs:
arm defconfig
arm64 allyesconfig
arm64 defconfig
arm allyesconfig
arm allmodconfig
arc nsimosci_hs_smp_defconfig
powerpc mpc832x_mds_defconfig
parisc generic-64bit_defconfig
powerpc mpc83xx_defconfig
arm corgi_defconfig
arm pcm027_defconfig
powerpc bamboo_defconfig
c6x alldefconfig
arc axs103_defconfig
sh sdk7780_defconfig
mips rs90_defconfig
sparc64 defconfig
arm lpd270_defconfig
arm orion5x_defconfig
mips sb1250_swarm_defconfig
powerpc gamecube_defconfig
arm cerfcube_defconfig
microblaze mmu_defconfig
s390 defconfig
xtensa virt_defconfig
m68k alldefconfig
sh kfr2r09-romimage_defconfig
sh sh7757lcr_defconfig
powerpc sam440ep_defconfig
arm zeus_defconfig
s390 debug_defconfig
powerpc fsp2_defconfig
x86_64 alldefconfig
arm footbridge_defconfig
powerpc akebono_defconfig
powerpc chrp32_defconfig
arm pxa3xx_defconfig
riscv alldefconfig
arm mvebu_v5_defconfig
arm am200epdkit_defconfig
powerpc mpc836x_rdk_defconfig
m68k m5275evb_defconfig
arm ep93xx_defconfig
sh sh2007_defconfig
sh migor_defconfig
arm sama5_defconfig
riscv nommu_virt_defconfig
powerpc currituck_defconfig
mips ip32_defconfig
powerpc tqm8540_defconfig
arm aspeed_g4_defconfig
sh urquell_defconfig
arm mxs_defconfig
powerpc mpc7448_hpc2_defconfig
ia64 gensparse_defconfig
mips nlm_xlp_defconfig
arm gemini_defconfig
arm tct_hammer_defconfig
sh sh7763rdp_defconfig
arm pleb_defconfig
arm sunxi_defconfig
powerpc mpc8540_ads_defconfig
arm assabet_defconfig
arm colibri_pxa270_defconfig
arm multi_v4t_defconfig
powerpc makalu_defconfig
sh magicpanelr2_defconfig
mips workpad_defconfig
arm socfpga_defconfig
sh rsk7269_defconfig
powerpc g5_defconfig
mips gcw0_defconfig
powerpc socrates_defconfig
powerpc ep8248e_defconfig
h8300 defconfig
powerpc klondike_defconfig
arc vdk_hs38_smp_defconfig
sh shmin_defconfig
c6x evmc6474_defconfig
arm nhk8815_defconfig
m68k atari_defconfig
sh sdk7786_defconfig
arm palmz72_defconfig
mips ath79_defconfig
mips ip28_defconfig
sh ecovec24-romimage_defconfig
sh ecovec24_defconfig
ia64 allmodconfig
ia64 defconfig
ia64 allyesconfig
m68k allmodconfig
m68k defconfig
m68k allyesconfig
nios2 defconfig
arc allyesconfig
nds32 allnoconfig
c6x allyesconfig
nds32 defconfig
nios2 allyesconfig
csky defconfig
alpha defconfig
alpha allyesconfig
xtensa allyesconfig
h8300 allyesconfig
arc defconfig
sh allmodconfig
parisc defconfig
s390 allyesconfig
parisc allyesconfig
i386 allyesconfig
sparc allyesconfig
sparc defconfig
i386 defconfig
mips allyesconfig
mips allmodconfig
powerpc allyesconfig
powerpc allmodconfig
powerpc allnoconfig
x86_64 randconfig-a005-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a003-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a004-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a002-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a006-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a001-20200920
i386 randconfig-a002-20200920
i386 randconfig-a006-20200920
i386 randconfig-a003-20200920
i386 randconfig-a004-20200920
i386 randconfig-a005-20200920
i386 randconfig-a001-20200920
i386 randconfig-a002-20200921
i386 randconfig-a006-20200921
i386 randconfig-a003-20200921
i386 randconfig-a004-20200921
i386 randconfig-a005-20200921
i386 randconfig-a001-20200921
i386 randconfig-a012-20200920
i386 randconfig-a014-20200920
i386 randconfig-a016-20200920
i386 randconfig-a013-20200920
i386 randconfig-a011-20200920
i386 randconfig-a015-20200920
riscv nommu_k210_defconfig
riscv allyesconfig
riscv allnoconfig
riscv defconfig
riscv rv32_defconfig
riscv allmodconfig
x86_64 rhel
x86_64 allyesconfig
x86_64 rhel-7.6-kselftests
x86_64 defconfig
x86_64 rhel-8.3
x86_64 kexec

clang tested configs:
x86_64 randconfig-a011-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a013-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a014-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a015-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a012-20200920
x86_64 randconfig-a016-20200920

0-DAY CI Kernel Test Service, Intel Corporation

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