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Subjectlinux-next: Signed-off-by missing for commits in the leds tree
Hi all,


258a8388d0ec ("leds: ns2: use struct led_init_data when registering")
d444232bbbdd ("leds: ns2: remove unneeded variable")
29c44f2b51a8 ("leds: ns2: register LED immediately after parsing DT properties")
925533c5a040 ("leds: ns2: cosmetic change: use helper variable")
47f1fb852be2 ("leds: ns2: cosmetic change")
a2ca4110ffc9 ("leds: ns2: cosmetic variable rename")
2d55e2a22ef0 ("leds: ns2: cosmetic structure rename")
51822355a756 ("leds: ns2: use devres API for getting GPIO descriptors")
e6367d0d57cb ("leds: ns2: move parsing of one LED into separate function")
a5c8eb177993 ("leds: ns2: support OF probing only, forget platdata")
820a7e98dbc3 ("leds: ns2: alloc simple array instead of struct ns2_led_priv")
5943b5ceb7f2 ("leds: ns2: use devres LED registering function")

are missing a Signed-off-by from their committer.

Stephen Rothwell
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