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Subject[PATCH v3 00/19] Add Allwinner H3/H5/H6/A64 HDMI audio

New test done by Maxime using TDM show that's LRCK is indeed inverted
so I drop the patch reverted in v2.

And HDMI requires an inverted LRCK so let's readd the frame-inversion
in the device-tree.

I have also added a patch to change set_chan_cfg.

Please note that I can't test TDM and only have a Allwinner H6.
So test and comment on other Allwinner chips are welcome!


Change since v2:
- rebase on next-20200918
- drop revert LRCK polarity patch
- readd simple-audio-card,frame-inversion in dts
- Add patch for changing set_chan_cfg params

Change since v1:
- rebase on next-20200828
- add revert LRCK polarity
- remove all simple-audio-card,frame-inversion in dts
- add Ondrej patches for Orange Pi board
- Add arm64 defconfig patch

Clément Péron (4):
ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Change set_chan_cfg params
ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Fix sun8i volatile regs
arm64: dts: allwinner: h6: Enable HDMI sound for Beelink GS1
arm64: defconfig: Enable Allwinner i2s driver

Jernej Skrabec (3):
ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Add support for H6 I2S
dt-bindings: ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Add H6 compatible
arm64: dts: allwinner: h6: Add HDMI audio node

Marcus Cooper (9):
ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Set sign extend sample
ASoc: sun4i-i2s: Add 20 and 24 bit support
arm: dts: sunxi: h3/h5: Add DAI node for HDMI
arm: dts: sunxi: h3/h5: Add HDMI audio
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Add DAI node for HDMI
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Add HDMI audio
arm: sun8i: h3: Add HDMI audio to Orange Pi 2
arm: sun8i: h3: Add HDMI audio to Beelink X2
arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Add HDMI audio to Pine64

Ondrej Jirman (3):
arm64: dts: allwinner: Enable HDMI audio on Orange Pi PC 2
ARM: dts: sun8i-h3: Enable HDMI audio on Orange Pi PC/One
arm64: dts: sun50i-h6-orangepi-3: Enable HDMI audio

.../sound/allwinner,sun4i-a10-i2s.yaml | 2 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3-beelink-x2.dts | 8 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3-orangepi-2.dts | 8 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3-orangepi-one.dts | 8 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc.dts | 8 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/sunxi-h3-h5.dtsi | 33 +++
.../boot/dts/allwinner/sun50i-a64-pine64.dts | 8 +
arch/arm64/boot/dts/allwinner/sun50i-a64.dtsi | 34 +++
.../dts/allwinner/sun50i-h5-orangepi-pc2.dts | 8 +
.../dts/allwinner/sun50i-h6-beelink-gs1.dts | 8 +
.../dts/allwinner/sun50i-h6-orangepi-3.dts | 8 +
arch/arm64/boot/dts/allwinner/sun50i-h6.dtsi | 33 +++
arch/arm64/configs/defconfig | 1 +
sound/soc/sunxi/sun4i-i2s.c | 280 ++++++++++++++++--
14 files changed, 427 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)


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