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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next RFC v3 01/14] devlink: Add reload action option to devlink reload command
On Wed, 2 Sep 2020 11:46:27 +0200 Jiri Pirko wrote:
> >? Do we need such change there too or keep it as is, each action by itself
> >and return what was performed ?
> Well, I don't know. User asks for X, X should be performed, not Y or Z.
> So perhaps the return value is not needed.
> Just driver advertizes it supports X, Y, Z and the users says:
> 1) do X, driver does X
> 2) do Y, driver does Y
> 3) do Z, driver does Z
> [
> I think this kindof circles back to the original proposal...

Why? User does not care if you activate new devlink params when
activating new firmware. Trust me. So why make the user figure out
which of all possible reset option they should select? If there is
a legitimate use case to limit what is reset - it should be handled
by a separate negative attribute, like --live which says don't reset

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