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Subject[PATCH 0/2] PCI: aardvark: Fix comphy with old ATF
This patch series fixes regression introduced in commit 366697018c9a
("PCI: aardvark: Add PHY support") which caused aardvark driver
initialization failure on EspressoBin board with factory version of
Arm Trusted Firmware provided by Marvell.

Second patch depends on the first patch, so please add appropriate
Fixes/Cc:stable@ tags to have both patches correctly backported to
stable kernels.

I have tested both patches with Marvell ATF firmware
and with upstream ATF+uboot and aardvark was initialized successfully.
Without this patch series on aardvark initialization

Pali Rohár (2):
phy: marvell: comphy: Convert internal SMCC firmware return codes to
PCI: aardvark: Fix initialization with old Marvell's Arm Trusted

drivers/pci/controller/pci-aardvark.c | 4 +++-
drivers/phy/marvell/phy-mvebu-a3700-comphy.c | 14 +++++++++++---
drivers/phy/marvell/phy-mvebu-cp110-comphy.c | 14 +++++++++++---
3 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)


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