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SubjectRe: AW: [PATCH 17/24] get_phys_pages.3: Write 'long' instead of 'long int'

On 2020-09-11 15:07, Walter Harms wrote:
> sys/sysinfo.h:extern long int get_phys_pages (void)
> for the real world i would say that long int == long but for the same reason
> i would say what the include says and stay away from discussions.
> jm2c,
> wh

I think that the man-pages don't need to follow other projects'
inconsistencies. 'long int' == 'long', so I think it's better to be
consistent here and hope that the other projects do that too.

A newbie may see 'long int' and 'long' used differently in the man-pages
and wonder that there might be a good reason for that to happen, and
won't understand why.

So I stand by this patch.



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