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SubjectRe: Linux 5.9-rc3
On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 04:20:17PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>You all know the drill by now - another week, another rc.
>A fair number of small fixes all over here, with a lot of noise spread
>out fairly evenly due to the "fallhtough" comment conversion.
>But while the fallthrough annotations are some fairly widespread
>background noise, we've got the usual driver fixes all over (gpu, usb,
>others). And architecture updates (arm64 stands out with both kvm
>fixes and DT updates, but there's some x86 and powerpc changes too)
>And misc changes elsewhere.
>On the whole it's been pretty calm for being rc3. This is actually one
>of the smaller rc3's we've had in recent releases, although that's
>likely at least partially the usual timing issue (ie no networking
>pull this past week).
>So go out and test.

Is it possible you've forgotten to push? I don't see the tag/5.9-rc3
commit in your repo.


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