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SubjectRe: 答复: [PATC H v2 6/6] drm/panel: Add Ilitek ILI9341 DBI panel driver
Hi Laurent.

> >
> > Please read the cover letter, it explains why it's done this way. The
> > whole point of this patchset is to merge DSI and DBI frameworks in a
> > way that can be maintained.
> I think this proves the point that the proposed naming is confusing. At
> least a rename would be required.

Do you have any inputs on the amount of rename we are looking into.
Is this a simple s/struct mipi_dsi_device/struct mipi_dxi_device/
or something more?

We should script the rename as it will tocuh a lot of files,
and without a script we would chase this. But once it is scripted
it would be trivial to perform.

I did not look at this enough, but I had an idea that we
would have do to a s/dsi/dxi/ in a lot of places.

(dxi is my best proposal at the moment for something covering both dsi
and dbi).

PS. I am travelling for a few days, so do not expect quick responses.


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