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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 3/3] bio: convert get_user_pages_fast() --> pin_user_pages_fast()
On 8/29/20 8:02 AM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>> - size = iov_iter_get_pages(iter, pages, LONG_MAX, nr_pages, &offset);
>> + size = iov_iter_pin_user_pages(iter, pages, LONG_MAX, nr_pages, &offset);
> This is really a comment to the previous patch, but I only spotted it
> here: I think the right name is iov_iter_pin_pages, as bvec, kvec and
> pipe aren't usually user pages. Same as iov_iter_get_pages vs
> get_user_pages. Same for the _alloc variant.

Yes, it is clearly misnamed now! Will fix.

>> + * here on. It will run one unpin_user_page() against each page
>> + * and will run one bio_put() against the BIO.
> Nit: the ant and the will still fit on the previous line.

Sorry about that, *usually* my text editor does the Right Thing for
those, I must have interfered with the natural flow of things. :)

John Hubbard

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