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SubjectBoot failure on gru-scarlet-inx with 5.9-rc2

The patch "of: address: Work around missing device_type property in
pcie nodes" by Marc Zyngier, d1ac0002dd297069bb8448c2764c9c31c4668441,
causes the "DUMO" variant of the gru-scarlet-inx, at the very least,
to not boot. A gru-kevin reportedly had no issues booting (further),
though it most likely had a different kernel configuration.

Using a SuzyQ cable, there is absolutely no serial output at boot,
while reverting the commit (and this commit alone) on top of v5.9-rc2
works just as it did with v5.9-rc1.

From this point on, I don't know what's the usual process, so bear with
me if I forgot to provide relevant information, or made a faux-pas by
CC-ing too many people or not enough.


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