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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] dt-bindings: Convert SP805 to Json-schema (and fix users)
On 8/28/20 6:05 AM, Andre Przywara wrote:
> This is an attempt to convert the SP805 watchdog DT binding to yaml.
> This is done in the first patch, the remaining nine fix some DT users.
> I couldn't test any of those DT files on actual machines, but tried
> to make the changes in a way that would be transparent to at least the
> Linux driver. The only other SP805 DT user I could find is U-Boot, which
> seems to only use a very minimal subset of the binding (just the first
> clock).
> I only tried to fix those DTs that were easily and reliably fixable.
> AFAICT, a missing primecell compatible string, for instance, would
> prevent the Linux driver from probing the device at all, so I didn't
> dare to touch those DTs at all. Missing clocks are equally fatal.

What is the plan for merging this series? Should Rob pick up all changes
or since those are non critical changes, should we just leave it to the
SoC maintainers to pick up the changes in their tree?

Likewise for the SP804 timer series, what's the plan?

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