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SubjectRe: KASAN: use-after-free Write in vcs_read
On 22. 08. 20, 9:34, Jiri Slaby wrote:
> On 22. 08. 20, 9:31, syzbot wrote:
>> syzbot has bisected this issue to:
>> commit b1c32fcfadf5593ab7a63261cc8a5747c36e627e
>> Author: Jiri Slaby <>
>> Date: Tue Aug 18 08:57:05 2020 +0000
>> vc_screen: extract vcs_read_buf_header
> It's like 7th e-mail about the very same issue. Can it be
> suspended/acknowledged somehow?
>> Reported-by:
> I haven't managed to find the root cause on Fri yet, I will chase it on
> Mon again.

Ah, I see now. And the easiest way of handling this is simply revert the
commit now, re-think and redo during the next merge window.

There are two issues with the patch:
1) vcs_read rounds the 'count' up to an even number. So if we read odd
bytes from the header (3 in the reproducer), the second byte of
(2-byte/ushort) write to temporary con_buf won't fit. It is because with
the patch applied, we only subtract the real number read (3 bytes) and
not the whole header (4 bytes).

2) in this scenario, we perform unaligned accesses now. 2-byte/ushort
writes to odd addresses. Due to the same reason as above.

So Greg, could you revert with the above reasoning? It reverts cleanly.
Or do you want me to send a revert?

suse labs

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