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SubjectRe: [EXT] Re: [net-next v4 1/6] net: marvell: prestera: Add driver for Prestera family ASIC devices
On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 10:00:21AM +0000, Mickey Rachamim wrote:

> > ASIC device specific handling is serviced by the firmware, current
> > driver's logic does not have PP specific code and relies on the FW
> > ABI which is PP-generic, and it looks like this how it should work
> > for boards with other ASICs, of course these boards should follow
> > the Marvell's Switchdev board design. >
> All Marvell Prestera (DX) devices are all based on CPSS SDK. This is one SDK
> and one build procedure that enables the Prestera driver to support all devices.
> This unified support enables us (and our customers) to have one SW
> implementation that will support variety of Prestera devices in same build/real-time
> execution.
> This approach also lead us with the implementation of the Prestera Switchdev drivers.
> As having detailed familiarity (20Y) with Marvell Prestera old/current/future devices -
> this approach will be kept strictly also on the future.

So if i understand this correctly, the compatibility is not to
Prestera, but to the firmware running on the Prestera? You want to
express a compatibility to the ABI this firmware supports for the
switchdev driver to use?


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