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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/8] memcg: Enable fine-grained per process memory control writes:
>But then how can it run-away like Waiman suggested?

Probably because he's not running with that commit at all. We and others use
this to prevent runaway allocation on a huge range of production and desktop
use cases and it works just fine.

>/me goes look... and finds MEMCG_MAX_HIGH_DELAY_JIFFIES.
>That's a fail... :-(

I'd ask that you understand a bit more about the tradeoffs and intentions of
the patch before rushing in to declare its failure, considering it works just
fine :-)

Clamping the maximal time allows the application to take some action to
remediate the situation, while still being slowed down significantly. 2 seconds
per allocation batch is still absolutely plenty for any use case I've come
across. If you have evidence it isn't, then present that instead of vague
notions of "wrongness".

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