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SubjectRe: MFD for v5.9
On Wed, 12 Aug 2020, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 12:46 AM Lee Jones <> wrote:
> >
> > Enjoy!
> No.
> This causes new compiler warnings.

Hmm... that's frustrating.

Mea culpa. Apologies for this.

As you know this is unheard of from me.

> I pulled, did a basic test-compile, and unpulled.
> I refuse to pull garbage that hasn't even seen the most trivial build-test.
> And no, "I built it but didn't check for warnings" is not a build
> test. That's just complete garbage. It's showing the code to the
> compiler, and not bothering to look at what the compiler said about
> it.

Let me give you my 'reason' (I know there is no 'excuse').

I've been grafting on an attempt to rid the kernel of W=1 warnings
this cycle. Starting with MFD then working through Backlight, SCSI,
Regulator, RemoteProc, IIO, USB, Misc, Pinctrl, GPIO, etc etc, I've
managed to extinguish almost 3000 warnings to date. I hope to do
something similar this cycle.

Anyway, I forgot to turn W=1 off when testing MFD. I saw that there
were a couple of warnings, but I (stupidly) assumed that these were
just residue W=1 issues that I would clean-up next cycle. Not
realising there were 2 real 'unused variable' problems present.

> You can try again next merge window, by now it's too late to send me
> completely untested garbage and try to fix it up.

Could I please urge you to reconsider. The branch is well tested (in
-next, by private 'kernel test robot' tests and by extensive TuxBuild
testing). I have cleaned up the offending line (it was just one line
causing the 2 new 'unused variable' issues) and all of my tests are
now passing (with W=1 turned off). The branch also extinguishes well
over 100 W=1 warnings to boot. It certainly does more good than

If you decide stick with your decision however, I'll also understand.

Lee Jones [李琼斯]
Senior Technical Lead - Developer Services │ Open source software for Arm SoCs
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