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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Modernize tasklet callback API

> Was a Coccinelle script used for any of these conversions? I wonder if
> it'd be easier to do a single treewide patch for the more mechanical
> changes.

No, I should have written one. Will do it.

> And, actually, I still think the "prepare" patches should just be
> collapsed into the actual "covert" patches -- there are only a few.

Okay. It's been done and pushed to:

> After those, yeah, I think getting these sent to their respective
> maintainers is the next step.

Please look at the above branch, if it looks fine, let me know
if I can add your ACK on the patches.
> Sure! I will add it to the tracker. Here's for the refactoring:
> and here's for the removal:
> if you can added details/examples of how they should be removed, that'd
> help other folks too, if they wanted to jump in. :)

Sure, Thank you.

- Allen

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