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SubjectPlumbers session on GNU+LLVM collab?
Hi Segher, Rasmus, and Ramana,
I am working on finalizing a proposal for an LLVM microconference at
plumbers, which is focusing on a lot of issues we currently face on
the LLVM side.

I'd really like to host a session with more GNU toolchain developers
to discuss collaboration more.

I was curious; are either of you planning on attending plumbers this year?

If so, would such a session be interesting enough for you to attend?

I was curious too, who else we should explicitly invite? I ran a
quick set analysis on who's contributed to both kernel and
<toolchain>, and the list was much much bigger than I was expecting.
89 contributors to both linux and llvm
283 linux+gcc
159 linux+binutils
(No one to all four yet...also, not super scientific, since I'm using
name+email for the set, and emails change. Point being I don't want to
explicitly invite hundreds of people)

The details of the MC are still being worked out, and it might not
happen, but I think with more explicit interest it's likely.
~Nick Desaulniers

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