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Subject[patch v2 00/13] Remove UV1 platform support and associated efi=oldmap option

This series of patches removes support for the UV1 platform and the
efi=old_map kernel command line option.

The documentation for efi=old_map in
Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt was recently touched
and differs between linux-next and the mainline tree. I will send a
separate patch to fix the documentation when this gets accepted.

The UV1 platform has been out of support for a number of years, has
not had a BIOS update for at least 5 years, and we have not had access
to hardware to test changes on for a while now, either.

Removing the UV1 platform will improve the clarity of the changes we
would like to make for our forthcoming UV5 Sapphire Rapids platform,
making them easier to review. And removing the UV1 platform allows
this patch set to also remove the efi=old_map boot option, which seems
to be a natural progression from commit 1f299fad1e312947c974
("efi/x86: Limit EFI old memory map to SGI UV machines")

Changes for v2:
- Diffstats regenerated so they should be accurate now.
- Removed unused variable timeout_base_ns in tlb_uv.c found by
- added x86 subsystem to subject line.

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