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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4] mm/zswap: move to use crypto_acomp API for hardware acceleration
On 2020-07-09 07:55:22 [+0000], Song Bao Hua (Barry Song) wrote:
> Hello Sebastian, thanks for your reply and careful review.

> I don't think we can simply "forward the result to the caller and let him decide".
> Would you like to present some pseudo code?

I provided just some pseudo code to illustrate an example how the async
interface should look like (more or less). The essential part is where
you allow to feed multiple requests without blocking.
I went up the call-chain and found one potential user which seem to have
a list of pages which are processed. This looked like a nice example. I
haven't looked at the details.

I have no opinion whether or not it makes sense to switch to the async
interface in a sync way.

> Thanks
> Barry


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