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SubjectRe:[PATCH] arm64/module-plts: Consider the special case where plt_max_entries is 0
On Thu, 9 Jul 2020 at 09:50, 彭浩(Richard) <> wrote:
>> >Apparently, you are hitting a R_AARCH64_JUMP26 or R_AARCH64_CALL26
>> >relocation that operates on a b or bl instruction that is more than
>> >128 megabytes away from its target.
>> >
>> My understanding is that a module that calls functions that are not part of the module will use PLT.
>> Plt_max_entries =0 May occur if a module does not depend on other module functions.
>A PLT slot is allocated for each b or bl instruction that refers to a
>symbol that lives in a different section, either of the same module
> (e.g., bl in .init calling into .text), of another module, or of the
>core kernel.
>I don't see how you end up with plt_max_entries in this case, though.
if a module does not depend on other module functions, PLT entries in the module is equal to 0.
If this is the case I don't think I need to do anything, just return 0.What do you think should be
done about this situation? Any Suggestions?
>Are you sure you have CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE enabled?
CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE = y or n has this warning (two servers, kernel version is different).

>> >In module_frob_arch_sections(), we count all such relocations that
>> >point to other sections, and allocate a PLT slot for each (and update
>> >plt_max_entries) accordingly. So this means that the relocation in
>> >question was disregarded, and this could happen for only two reasons:
>> >- the branch instruction and its target are both in the same section,
>> >in which case this section is *really* large,
>> >- CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE is disabled, but you are still ending up in a
>> >situation where the modules are really far away from the core kernel
>> >or from other modules.
>> >
>> >Do you have a lot of [large] modules loaded when this happens?
>> I don’t think I have [large] modules. I'll trace which module caused this warning.
>Yes please.
I can't print debug until someone else is not using the server.
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