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SubjectRe: [Proposal] DRM: AMD: Convert logging to drm_* functions.
Am 08.07.20 um 18:11 schrieb Suraj Upadhyay:
> Hii AMD Maintainers,
> I plan to convert logging of information, error and warnings
> inside the AMD driver(s) to drm_* functions and macros for loggin,
> as described by the TODO list in the DRM documentation[1].
> I need your approval for the change before sending any patches, to make
> sure that this is a good idea and that the patches will be merged.
> The patches will essentially convert all the dev_info(), dev_warn(),
> dev_err() and dev_err_once() to drm_info(), drm_warn(), drm_err() and
> drm_err_once() respectively.

Well to be honest I would rather like see the conversion done in the
other direction.

I think the drm_* functions are just an unnecessary extra layer on top
of the core kernel functions and should probably be removed sooner or
later because of midlayering.


> Thank You,
> Suraj Upadhyay.
> [1]

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