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Subject[ANNOUNCE][CFP] Kernel Dependability & Assurance Micro Conference - LPC 2020
This is the call for proposals for the Kernel Dependability & Assurance
Micro Conference at the Linux Plumbers Conference 2020. It will take
place online during the Linux Plumbers Conference on August 24th-28th,

The Kernel Dependability & Assurance Micro Conference is intended to
bring the safety-critical systems community and the kernel community
together to start a dialogue and collaboration on making sure that the
kernel is fit to be used in safety-critical systems and that questions
from the safety community and other wrt. software quality can be
answered adequately.

The goal for this conference is to explore kernel dependability as it
relates to safety-critical applications in the areas of uptime, tooling,
and processes. The focus is going to be on the following topics.

- Kernel Quality Assurance beyond Testing and CI?

- Understanding the User's Expectations on Software Quality for
business-critical systems

- Define safety requirements for overall kernel: features, tests etc.

- Define run-time characteristics and requirements

- Identify missing features necessary to operate in safety critical

- Discuss safety features

- Regression Testing for safety: Identify configurations and tests
critical and important for safety quality and dependability

- Discuss and identify gaps in tests.

- Add tests and add configurations to existing test rings.

- Understanding the Kernel Development Organization and Management

- Assessing, Measuring and Evaluating the Development Process

We encourage submissions that do not present a final solution. Instead,
that serves to get feedback from the community, to point to action items
for future development, and that can result in patches for the Linux
Kernel and Linux ecosystem in the future.

Please submit your proposals on the LPC website at:

And be sure to select "Kernel Dependability & Assurance MC" in the Track
pulldown menu.

Proposals must be submitted by August 2nd, and submitters will be
notified of acceptance by August 9th.

-- Shuah

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