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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/4] printk: replace ringbuffer
On Tue 2020-07-07 17:05:28, John Ogness wrote:
> Hello,
> Here is a v4 for the first series to rework the printk
> subsystem. The v3 is here [0]. This first series
> only replaces the existing ringbuffer implementation. No locking
> is removed. The semantics/behavior of printk are kept the same
> except for a minor optimization that is reverted (patch 3).
> Despite minor changes to the ringbuffer code since v3 (comments,
> function names, very minor refactoring), the ringbuffer logic
> itself has not changed. And, in particular, the memory barriers
> have been exactly preserved from v3. For this reason I deem it
> appropriate to keep Paul's reviewed by tag (patch 2).
> RFC patches for various userspace tools to dump the kernel log
> are available: crash [1], makedumpfile [2], kexec-tools [3].
> Finally, I would like to thank some people/organizations that
> helped with performing ringbuffer stress tests on big or rare
> hardware that I do not have access to:
> - Prarit Bhargava of Red Hat (x86_64, ppc64le power8)
> - Michael Cree of Debian (alpha)
> - Jeff Scheel of OSU Open Source Lab (ppc64le power8 kvm)

OK, I think that we are ready to try this in linux-next.
I am going to push it there via printk/linux.git.

I have a good feeling about the patchset. The great thing is that
the access is still synchronized using logbuf_lock so that we do not
have to deal with races for the moment.

Of course, there are still many potential problems. The following comes
to my mind:

+ Bugs in the algorithm logic or implementation might prevent
showing any messages on consoles or via syslog or /dev/kmsg.
We did our best to avoid it.

+ Debugging tools accessing the buffer directly would need to
understand the new structure. Fortunately John provided
patches for the most prominent ones.

+ Small devices might complain about less effective use of memory.
Part of descriptors and dictionaries ring buffers might stay
unused. But it hopefully could get tuned.

This is basically just a start of the journey. I hope that it will be a
good one.

Best Regards,

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