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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/4] iommu/arm-smmu: Workaround for Marvell Armada-AP806 SoC erratum #582743
On 15.07.2020 12:32, Robin Murphy wrote:
> On 2020-07-15 08:06, Tomasz Nowicki wrote:
>> From: Hanna Hawa <>
>> Due to erratum #582743, the Marvell Armada-AP806 can't access 64bit to
>> ARM SMMUv2 registers.
>> Provide implementation relevant hooks:
>> - split the writeq/readq to two accesses of writel/readl.
>> - mask the MMU_IDR2.PTFSv8 fields to not use AArch64 format (but
>> only AARCH32_L) since with AArch64 format 32 bits access is not
>> supported.
>> Note that most 64-bit registers like TTBRn can be accessed as two 32-bit
>> halves without issue, and AArch32 format ensures that the register writes
>> which must be atomic (for TLBI etc.) need only be 32-bit.
> Thanks Tomasz, this has ended up as clean as I'd hoped it could, and
> there's still room to come back and play more complicated games later if
> a real need for AARCH64_64K at stage 2 crops up.

Based on your implementation infrastructure rework, indeed the code
looks much cleaner :)

> Reviewed-by: Robin Murphy <>



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