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Subject[PATCH v4 0/4] Add system mmu support for Armada-806
The series is meant to support SMMU for AP806 and a workaround
for accessing ARM SMMU 64bit registers is the gist of it.

For the record, AP-806 can't access SMMU registers with 64bit width.
This patches split the readq/writeq into two 32bit accesses instead
and update DT bindings.

The series was successfully tested on a vanilla v5.8-rc3 kernel and
Intel e1000e PCIe NIC. The same for platform devices like SATA and USB.

For reference, previous versions are listed below:

v3 -> v4
- call cfg_probe() impl hook a bit earlier which simplifies errata handling
- use hi_lo_readq_relaxed() and hi_lo_writeq_relaxed() for register accessors
- keep SMMU status disabled by default and enable where possible (DTS changes)
- commit logs improvements and other minor fixes

Hanna Hawa (1):
iommu/arm-smmu: Workaround for Marvell Armada-AP806 SoC erratum

Marcin Wojtas (1):
arm64: dts: marvell: add SMMU support

Tomasz Nowicki (2):
iommu/arm-smmu: Call configuration impl hook before consuming features
dt-bindings: arm-smmu: add compatible string for Marvell Armada-AP806

Documentation/arm64/silicon-errata.rst | 3 ++
.../devicetree/bindings/iommu/arm,smmu.yaml | 4 ++
arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-7040.dtsi | 28 ++++++++++++
arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-8040.dtsi | 40 +++++++++++++++++
arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-ap80x.dtsi | 18 ++++++++
drivers/iommu/arm-smmu-impl.c | 45 +++++++++++++++++++
drivers/iommu/arm-smmu.c | 11 +++--
7 files changed, 145 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)


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