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SubjectRE: Linux kernel in-tree Rust support
From: Adrian Bunk
> Sent: 12 July 2020 21:45
> Rust gets updated frequently.
> Sometimes this also changes the LLVM version used by Rust.
> Debian stable supports targets like ARMv5 and 32bit MIPS.
> Distribution kernel updates are often automatically installed
> on user hardware.

This reminds me of why I never want to use an online compiler
service - never mind how hard companies push them.

If I need to do a bug-fix build of something that was released
2 (or more) years ago I want to use exactly the same toolchain
(warts and all) that was used for the original build.

If the compiler has changed I need to do a full test - just
in case it compiles some 'dodgy' code differently.
With the same compiler I only need to test the fix.


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